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This guide is aimed at guiding you through the whole journey of building your own startup based on my learnings of growing my own startup Pallyy.


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  • Talknotes - AI note taking app by Nico Jeannen doing $3.5K MRR.
  • Gliglish - Learn languages with AI by Fabien Snauwaert doing $8K MRR.
  • Plausible - Website analytics by Marko Sarik and Uku doing over $100K MRR.
  • PDFai - Chat with PDF tool by Damon Chen doing over $50K MRR.
  • Publer - Social scheduling platform by Ervin Kalemi doing $170K MRR.
  • Simple Analytics - Privacy-friendly analytics doing $30K MRR.



  • Astro - The web framework for content-driven websites.
  • Nuxt - The intuitive Vue framework.
  • Next.js - The React Framework for the Web
  • Remix - Focused on web standards and modern web app UX
  • Sveltekit - Web development, streamlined.

Boilerplate Starter Kits

  • BoxyHQ - Enterprise ready, open source, and powered by SAML Jackson.
  • Just Launch It - Sveltekit boilerplate.
  • LaraFast - Laravel boilerplate with ready-to-go components.
  • LaunchFast - Astro, Next.js, and SvelteKit boilerplates for.
  • Nextless.js - Next.js Boilerplate with Auth, Multi-tenancy & Team, etc.
  • SaaS Pegasus - The premier SaaS boilerplate for Python and Django.
  • ShipFast - NextJS boilerplate.
  • - NextJS Startup Boilerplate with Chrome Extension.
  • Ionstarter - Ionic starter templates to launch apps.
  • RapidLaunch - Nuxt.js boilerplate.
  • Supastarter - Production-ready SaaS starter kit for Next.js 14 and Nuxt 3.
  • React Native Boilerplate - Mobile SaaS Boilerplate to launch on iOS and Android.
  • DevToDollars - Open-source Flutter boilerplate.
  • Shipixen - Next.js boilerplates with an MDX blog, TypeScript and Shadcn UI


  • Appwrite - Open-source backend-as-a-service platform for databases.
  • MongoDB - Developer data platform (NoSQL).
  • Pocketbase - Open Source backend in 1 file.
  • Prisma - Simple db interactions via the ORM, + connection pooling & edge caching, + type-safe db events
  • Supabase - Open Source Firebase Alternative


  • Render - Build, deploy, and scale your apps.
  • Vercel - Build, scale, and secure a faster, personalized web.
  • Railway - Instant Deployments, Effortless Scale
  • Netlify - Connect everything. Build anything.
  • Zeabur - Deploy painlessly and scale infinitely.
  • Hetzner - Low-cost dedicated server for self-hosting.
  • Coolify - Open-source Vercel and Netlify alternative.

Subscriptions and Payments

  • Stripe - Financial infrastructure for the internet.
  • Lemon Squeezy - Payments, tax & subscriptions.
  • Paddle - The complete payments, tax, and subscriptions solution.

Knowledge Base and Help Center

  • HelpKit - Turn Notion into a Help Center / Documentation Site.
  • Bliberoo - Help center, internal wiki or API documetation.

Live Chat

  • Crisp - All-in-one business messaging platform.
  • Intercom - AI customer service solution.
  • JustReply - Customer support tool for teams using Slack.
  • Tawk - Free Live Chat, Ticketing, Knowledge Base & CRM.


  • Mevo - Chatbot builder with AI and rule-based options.

Social Media Management

  • Pallyy - Scheduling platform for brands and agencies.
  • Buffer- Grow your audience on social and beyond.
  • StoryChief - Content Marketing Platform for marketing teams.


  • Blogkit - Blogging starter kits for Next.js with WordPress, Directus, Contentlayer & MDX.
  • BlogPro - Notion to Blog for startups.
  • Docs to Markdown Pro - Publish Google Docs as Markdown to GitHub/GitLab.
  • Docs to WP Pro - Publish SEO-optimized WordPress posts from Google Docs.
  • Quotion - Apple Notes to Blog in minutes, built-in web analytics, SEO-ready.
  • Dub - Open-source link management.
  • URLR - Reliable and GDPR-compliant link shortener.

Media Processing and Content Delivery Networks

  • Transloadit - Receive, transform, or deliver any file.
  • ImageKit - Real-time image and video optimizations, transformations.

Website Analytics

  • Beam - Google Analytics alternative.
  • Fathom - Excellent Google Analytics Alternative
  • Penkle - EU Based privacy focused analytics.
  • Pirsch - Cookie-free and Privacy-friendly Web Analytics.
  • Plausible - Privacy first analytics.
  • Simple - EU Based compliancy focused.
  • Umami - Empowering insights, Preserving privacy.
  • Usermaven - Free, privacy-friendly website analytics and product insights.

Website Monitoring

  • DataDog - See inside any stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere.
  • OpenStatus - The open-source website & API monitoring platform.
  • Sentry - Fully integrated, multi-environment performance monitoring & error tracking.

User Feedback

  • Canny - Capture product feedback.
  • featureOS - Organize product feedback and analyze with AI.
  • Supahub - Collect feedback & announce product updates.

SMS Notifications

  • Notilify - Send marketing, transactional, notifications, and more.
  • Twilio - Industry leading customer management platform.

Push Notifications


  • PromoteKit - Affiliate software for Stripe.
  • Rewardful - Set up affiliate and customer referral programs for Stripe.
  • Tolt - Affiliate software for Paddle, Stripe and Chargebee.

Email Notifications

  • Resend - Email for developers.
  • Mailgun - Email service providing API, SMTP.
  • Plunk - The Email Platform for SaaS.
  • Postmark - Developer friendly Email Delivery Service.

Event Scheduling

  • - Scheduling Infrastructure for Everyone.

Authentification and User Management

  • BoxyHQ - Open source security building blocks for developers.
  • Clerk - The most comprehensive User Management Platform


  • Wobaka - Refreshingly simple CRM and email automation

Form Builders

  • Tally - The simplest free online form builder.
  • Youform - Create waitlist forms, surveys and more for free.

Website Builders

  • Versoly - The fastest way to build your pixel perfect website for free.


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